How do I sign my Credit Agreement?

You can now sign your Credit Agreement online without registering using our new and improved Premium Credit online portal

Select Sign:

Enter your 10-character Premium Credit reference number, tick the box to confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions, and then follow the steps.

If you have a Premium Credit online account, simply login and then you will prompted to sign your Credit Agreement if a signature is required.

Your Credit Agreement will be displayed in PDF form on the signing page. Here, you can review the details of the agreement before signing. If you are satisfied with the agreement, and have read the terms and conditions in the link below the agreement, click the checkbox and submit your signature. The webpage will inform you if the signing process was successful.

Alternatively, you can send us your signed agreement in one of the following ways:

  • Post your signed credit agreement to us at:
Premium Credit Limited
Ermyn House
Ermyn Way
KT22 8UX